Swim At Your Own Risk: The Shark Shocker

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Shark Shocker

A new wetsuit is being patented that takes advantage of the fact that sharks have sensitive receptors in their snouts which detect electrical fields in the water. This helps them track prey, but if the field is too powerful the shark backs off.

The neoprene wetsuit has special fibers woven into its fabric connected to metal electrodes which generate a charge by the wearer’s movement. During normal swimming, the suit continually generates several volts which flow through the water to create a deterrent field. If the diver sees an undeterred shark and swims fast to get away – a natural reaction, one suspects – the suit generates much higher voltages and stronger fields.

If the shark still fails to get the message and bites the suit, it gets a shock in the mouth and – hopefully – gives up.

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