Swim At Your Own Risk: Diver Sues Aquarium After Shark Bites Ear

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Diver Sues Aquarium After Shark Bites Ear

A 24-year-old man is suing Changfeng Park after a shark in its aquarium bit his ear and head while he was scuba diving. Zhang Liang is seeking 415,000 yuan ($51,235) in compensation, including 400,000 yuan for mental anguish.

Zhang and his friends were accompanied by two diving coaches. After their 15-minute dive was up, the coaches gestured to the three men to swim to the surface of the aquarium. At that point an 11.5 foot shark swam up to him from behind and bit the right side of his head and his ear. The bite needed three stitches to close and doctors pulled a shark's tooth from his head.

"I was very lucky. If the shark had bitten my head strongly, I would have died," said Zhang. "Now I suffer from a serious mental disease as I often have visions of sharks."

The park has agreed to pay his medical bills, but says hell no to compensation for mental anguish.

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