Swim At Your Own Risk: Woman Turns Herself Into A Crocodile!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Woman Turns Herself Into A Crocodile!

Amina, a 60-year old Nigerian woman was deported from a community in Beposo, Ghana for allegedly turning herself into a crocodile. According to the chief, the woman came to the town last week to visit her son. Three days later, some local women went to the river to fetch water and saw a giant crocodile floating on the surface. The women called for help and some men rushed to the riverside but when they got there, they saw that part of the crocodile was a human body! The crocodile went under and then out came Amina! When Amina was questioned about what she was doing in the river, she said she was feeling warm in her room but did not know how she got into the river.

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